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MIKE OMOREGBEE  Returns to active acting with a lead role in Invasion 1897, after nearly 24 years of acting-hibernation. First ever appearance in a Nollywood production, Mike is not new to acting and production. His acting dates back to secondary school days, with baby-roles like Bambulu in "This is our Chance", James Ene Henshaw. Later, as an undergraduate student of English and Literature, University of Benin, he co-founded ELSA Playhouse with Aoiri Obaigbo and Tunde Adeleke, becoming the second president of the playhouse after Aoiri and playing roles like King Creon in Sophocles’ Antigone,  and Remi in Ngugi wa’Thiongo’s The Black Hermit.

His undergraduate days also saw active participation in the creation and evolution of Earthpot Kulture where he was a director with the likes of Ossa Earliece and Henri-Ese. Invasion 1897, the film by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen marks a major return to acting and a formal entry into the big screen. It has taken a script this apt, socio-politically relevant, adroitly crafted and a production team this renowned, versatile, capable and passionate to rouse the act in him! Invasion 1897 was quite an experience for him, after years of silence; and it is unlikely to be the last.


RUDOLPH WALKER Rudolph Walker OBE is a highly respected actor with over 50 years’ experience in theatre, films and television. He is currently appearing as Patrick Trueman in EastEnders, one of Britain’s best loved soaps.
Born on the multicultural Caribbean twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Rudolph created ground breaking impact when he was cast as Bill in Love Thy Neighbour Comedy series. This was the first time a black actor had been seen on mainstream and prime-time television playing a major role.
Following the success of this show, Rudolph went on to appear in numerous plays and theatre productions such as The Tempest, Othello, King of England, Pericles and Ice Man Cometh with Kevin Spacey. His screen performances include, Ali G Indahouse, King Ralph, Let him have it, The Crouches, Black Silk, Empire Road, Divorce His, Divorce Hers with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, The Thin Blue Line written by Ben Elton and staring Rowan Atkinson.
In 2006, Rudolph was recognised by The Queen and country for his contribution to the Arts, when he was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire).
Rudolph also dedicates his spare time to supporting many charities, and The Rudolph Walker Foundation – To empower, support and strengthen young people to develop creativity, inspire perseverance and to help young people to flourish. (
His natural warmth is complemented by his deep, rich voice which has become one of the most recognisable on stage and screen.




CHARLES CHUCKY VENN is famous for his roles as Curtis Alexander in Sky One’s Dream Team, Tremaine Gidigbi in Footballers’ Wives and Ray Dixon in EastEnders.

SEGUN ARINZE a graduate from Ibadan theatre arts dept, an actor of long standing with lots of awards locally and internationally, plays the role of Okavbogbe the head of the Ovonramen palace guards, Mr Segun Aina Arinze was the immediate past president of Actors guild of Nigeria.




PAUL OBAZELE played loyal Ezomo, Paul is an accomplished prolific actor, producer and director and one of the icons of the Nigerian film industry whose popularity started on TV in the late 1980s with Ripples and Checkmate before moving on to Nollywood as an actor and director known for Black MariaThe Champ, Power Must Change HandsCry of a Virgin and Life in New York. Obazele is the former President of Association of Movie Producers (AMP) in Nigeria





ANNIKA A'LOFTI is a British actress and director, known for “Mist” (2012), “Art Ache and Two Very Long Days” (2014). Adorned as a royal traditional Benin Princess in Okuku Beaded head gear





 GARETT MORT played the role of Consular General that banished Ovonramwen to Calabar



 TIM ROB currently work for an NGO that is  responsible for overseeing funding for around 20 Bible translation projects in Nigeria, helping to keep the money flowing in and the information flowing out! He is also involved in doing special projects for the director. These can range from organizing meetings to building websites, and a variety of things in between.






JUSTUS ESIRI, is one of the most celebrated actors in the Nigerian motion picture industry, played the role the village headmaster in one of Nigerian's most popular television drama series the "Village Headmaster", a supporting lead role in Chinua Achibe’s Things fall apart and countless home videos he was a special guest in Invasion1897  playing an Itsekiri chief






 MICHAEL ISOKPAN aka Spartacus is an actor and a model, a public Administration graduate, Mr Isokpan has been working in Nollywood for over 7 years and has acted in about 21 movies. Its really a privileged to be part of this  world class film  and I am so proud to be a Benin Man. God bless my Director for this opportunity.


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