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Igie Ehanire a research student on African Art history gets touched, he gets more perturbed about the injustice of the British invasion of Benin. It gets more worrisome for him on leaning... that the art work was more than just art works but a historical documentation of the records of the Benin people... He wants to return the priceless work of history and records to its original owners... but went about it wrongly and the law catches up with him... in trying to justify his action he  painstakingly narrates the events and series of events that led to the globally renowned epic story of one of the greatest king of Africa Oba Ovonramwen of the great Benin kingdom... who until 1897 was the only king and kingdom still standing in the whole sub-Saharan Africa... a major misunderstanding ensued that lead to some deaths...and because of some deaths more deaths are recorded... destruction and more destruction... and the carting away of priceless works of arts which in truth was more than decorative pieces, they are tagged spoils of war... then Banishment takes place... ‎a people left without a king...



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